Coming Soon – to a venue near you!

Candy Rock Lane is a young home-grown sweet business , specialising in all sorts of candies , from bulls eyes to bon bons , gobstoppers and sour drops and everything in between ! Its main operation retails out of a customized vintage-style red truck , which in itself has become an attraction , and is every bit as integral to the business as the goodies it stores . In fact , it was the truck itself that kick started the company and has brought it to where it is today . You might well ask ”how?” Simple really – one Summer’s day in 2011, Trevor Coughlan , a Cork man ,  happened to spot a striking vehicle outside a building . Never one to ignore the unusual , he made enquiries and several days later was the proud owner of a 1930′s Style Ford Truck . ”Great” he said ”what now ? ” The answer wasn’t long coming to him – a mobile candy truck  brimming with traditional Irish  sweeets and treats of every colour and flavour imaginable .The nostalgic quality of the truck was central to the vision Trevor had for his product and this is wonderfully reflected in the branding and presentation of his candy ranges .

Since opening the truck for business , Candy Rock Lane is a frequent participant in markets and festivals the length and breadth of the country , as well as weddings parties and functions . The company is constantly growing , with branded ”pop-up” shops and wholesale now part of its profile .


On Tour – Sweetening Things Up

We got a call recently from our friends in B2B Signs. They’re our friends because they did a really good job branding up the vintage truck that we take on the road. They were having a visit from a young man named David Crowley who loves cars and trucks and wanted to see the kind of work that B2B do. Of course they were delighted to see David but they gave us a call because our vintage truck is kinda cool too.

So we popped over to meet David and his Mum Dolores and to sweeten up their day a little with some Candy from our mobile Candy Shop. You can view the full story on B2B’s website here.